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The basic learning resource for use by students , teachers in secondary education and lecturers in archaeology. It is the project's ODL Module.

Submodule: Olympic Games Module

Development of ODL modules. The instructional modules will be able to be used either independently or collectively as a university course or courses, complete with maps, examples, texts and exams. It will organize existing resources into an innovative, dynamic, instructional and educational tool(s) and allow easy access to information that is conventionally unavailable in a single environment. This will encourage the search for new pedagogical presentation techniques (e.g. by using semantic web technology) for the integration of visual and textual data. All texts and illustrations from local sources will be available in major EU languages through automated multilingualism . This will also encourage open and distance learning through its innovative interactive presentation environment.

Olympic Games Module

The virtual reality course and interactive material for Olympism will be included in this module and will be functional by May 2004. This sub module will also include the Ancient Greek Speaker , a synthetic text-to-speech module under development at the Informatics Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki aiming to reproduce the acoustic signalling of Greek antiquity. For Modern Greek, MLS's commercial electronic voice synthesiser can be used.