An Interactive Web-based Presentation of Southeastern European Archaeology
Technologically Assisted Training Meets Challenges of the Past

Project SEEArchWeb aims to develop and present a new instructional approach for the subject domain of Archaeology based on networked technologies. This project will emphasis on a pilot study for the Prehistoric Archaeology of Southeastern Europe. In order to accomplish this aim, the SEEArchWeb infrastructure will have five parts:

a) four integrated educational, instructional, research and information modules:
  • The Web Course Module which will be the basic learning resource for use by students, teachers in secondary education and lecturers in archaeology.
  • The Social Modeller Module that provides the users (learners, social scientists and archaeologists) with a new instrument for analyses, comparison and testing of hypothetical social scenarios.
  • The Excavation Site Cataloguer Module which will be a standardized digital database for input of archaeological excavation data. It will offer mechanisms for versatile sub-set searches. It can be used by instructors and learners as well as by professional archaeologists, researchers and museum outreach programs developers.
  • The Educational and Community Resources Module which will present to the general public resources about the archaeology of Southeastern Europe through the development of a current fund of archaeological community related information.
b) the project website which will be the gateway for the modules as well as for the dissemination of the project achievements and other educational related information.

An early form of professional and public feedback critical for the elaboration of the project is the Olympic Games sub-module of the Web Course Module , which is expected to give inertia to the whole scheme by focusing the general public's interest in the relevance of archaeology.